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Learn a new language in a flash!

Welcome to LingoBlitz, the AI-powered language learning app that lets you become fluent in a flash.


LingoBlitz is story-based language learning supercharged with a level of personalization just not possible before. Our app utilizes the same artificial intelligence that's behind ChatGPT to create brief texts based on your interests and abilities, so you can practice your learning language with content that is just right for you.


Take your skills in Spanish, French, German, Italian or English to the next level and start learning with LingoBlitz today!

Try our pilot app for free right now:

Mockup of the splash screen of the LingoBlitz app

Custom-made language learning, just for you

Have you ever been frustrated by language learning apps that just don't get your level right? Or do you feel you are still struggling with basic conversations, watching a movie or reading a book, after years of practice with other apps? Would you like to read more in your learning language, but you are having a hard time finding content that is both interesting to you and not too difficult to understand? Then LingoBlitz might just be right for you!

LingoBlitz uses the new possibilities offered by generative artificial intelligence (AI) to create an individually tailored learning experience for practicing Spanish, English, French, Italian or German (more languages to follow) that matches your interests and abilities. Our app taps into the same Large Language Model (LLM) as ChatGPT to create short texts ("Blitzes") on any (!) topic of your choice, so you can practice your learning language with content that matters to you.

LingoBlitz is based on the concept of "comprehensible input" developed by linguist Steven Krashen. In the pilot phase of the app, you can let the AI write texts adequate for learning levels A2, B1 and B2. (Blitzes for early beginners and more advanced learners will be added in subsequent updates.)

Words that are not understood can be translated with a simple click on the word.

In the process, LingoBlitz remembers which words you already understand and which have been looked up. You can practice your saved words with the in-built flashcard trainer.

The app runs in your browser on both desktop and mobile devices, no install required.

During the pilot phase, the app is completely free to use.

This is just the beginning. Many more features are already under development to make LingoBlitz the best language app for you.

Join our community and take part in the creation of the best language learning app ever 

LingoBlitz is still in the making, and you can play a decisive role in our journey:

Today's AI technology offers fantastic opportunities that language learners have never had before. The story-based approach we initially want to realize in LingoBlitz is only one way AI can facilitate language learning, and we have many more ideas for our app. Have your say in how we build a language learning app that helps you and millions of other people learn a new language faster, easier and in a more fun way than ever thought possible.

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  • help us decide upon feature prioritization via occasional surveys,

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  • learn about opportunities to get involved.

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  • How much time does it take to finish a lesson in LingoBlitz?
    LingoBlitz lessons are short and can usually be finished in a few minutes. So, whether it is for five minutes on the bus, or an entire hour at your desk: You can learn at your own pace and for however long you feel like it.
  • Which languages can I practice with LingoBlitz?
    LingoBlitz will initially be available to study English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. More languages will be subsequently added to our portfolio. User feedback helps us prioritize new languages. You are welcome to send us a message at to tell us which language you would like to learn with LingoBlitz!
  • I have a different question!
    We are ready to help you with any questions about LingoBlitz. Just send us an email to
  • What is the magic behind LingoBlitz?
    LingoBlitz utilizes the power of generative artificial intelligence to create a language learning experience that is perfectly adapted to each and every user. Instead of standardized lessons that each user has to go through no matter what their personal needs are, LingoBlitz creates unique short stories and articles ("Blitzes") in the learning language for each and every user. The LingoBlitz app recognizes the user's strengths and weak points in the language and creates learning content that always has the right level of difficulty. That is why studying a foreign language with LingoBlitz never feels boring or too difficult.
  • What is LingoBlitz?
    LingoBlitz is a new kind of language learning app that uses AI technology and story-based learning to make language learning easier, more effective and more enjoyable.
  • Why does reading in foreign languages feel so easy with LingoBlitz?
    LingoBlitz is based on the "input hypothesis" of linguist Steven Krashen: People acquire a new language best, when they are exposed to "comprehensible input" that is slightly above their current level of understanding. LingoBlitz makes sure that the stories and texts it creates are suitable to your personal level and that it always introduces the right amount of new words. This way, reading in your target language never feels overwhelming, while you grow your vocab at a fast pace. No traditional book, course, or learning app can offer this degree of "personal fit".
  • Is LingoBlitz suitable for beginners?
    During the pilot phase of LingoBlitz, the app will create "Blitzes" for levels A2-B2. Therefore, the app will initially be most suitable for learners who already have a basis in the target language. In subsequent updates, we will also introduce options for early beginners and more advanced learners.
  • Is LingoBlitz free?
    During the pilot phase, the app will be completely free to use! In the long run, our app will offer both free and premium subscription options. The free version will provide access to limited features, while the premium subscription unlocks additional content and advanced learning tools.

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