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Specific Terms & Data Policy for the LingoBlitz Pilot App

as of March 8, 2024, referring to:

  1. This is an early and free pilot version of the LingoBlitz app. While we are sure that even in this early stage, our app is a very powerful tool for language learning, please keep in mind that some functions have not been fully developed yet or might not have been realized as elaborately as you would expect from a commercial app. 

  2. As a user of the pilot app, you agree to be contacted by email so we can invite you to participate in user surveys and provide you with important updates about the app. At the end of each email, you will find a link to opt out of receiving such messages.

  3. The pilot version of the app is free to use, but at some point we will have to introduce a paid plan to finance the costs associated with running LingoBlitz. We promise we will never upgrade you to a paid plan without your active consent.

  4. Within the app, you can create your own learning texts in various languages (called "Blitzes"). To offer you this service, we connect with the API from OpenAI, the company that also provides ChatGPT. Your personal identity is never given to OpenAI by us to OpenAI. We recommend that you do not share any sensitive data in the text field used to create Blitzes on specific topics chosen by yourself. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that this info might be used by OpenAI to train its models.

  5. To provide the app, we work with various third-party services, including and OpenAI, that run on servers in the USA. If you are not fine with this, you should refrain from using the app.

  6. We use cookies not only to provide a functional app, but also to evaluate user behavior. In the pilot phase, this is essential for us to develop the app into a fully viable product. This is why you cannot opt out of cookies in the pilot version of LingoBlitz. If you do not agree with this, we recommend you wait for the commercial app, which will offer an opt-out mechanism.

  7. In order to provide a functional app, we and third-party providers commissioned by us store and process your user data, such as your login credentials, the Blitzes you created, the words you looked-up and your vocabulary training data. You have the right to be informed which data exactly we have stored on you. Please contact for any requests on your personal data.

  8. You have the right to ask us at any time to delete your account with all your personal data. If you wish so, please use the button provided in the user section of the app, or email

  9. Beyond these specific terms and conditions for the app, the more general terms and data policy of the LingoBlitz website also apply to the app.

  10. If you find any errors, malfunctions or anything else that is odd in the app, please take a moment to report this through this form. This helps up tremendously to improve the app.

  11. You are very welcome to share the link to the pilot app​ with others :)

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